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DJ LAME's Profile / DJ LAME's Profile

Wack dj from Brisbane, Australia. I have been incorporating chip music into my sets for years in between everything from bootybass to breakcore to 60's anime themes and the dreaded videogame music (Yes... I know chip music and videogame music aren't the same thing). Have been known to dj at the start of Dot.ay's Pocket Music nights in Brisbane. I also do a gaming themed radio show called Zed Games with a couple of other people where I try and squeeze in as much chip music as possible including interviews with artists and live to air tracks. I have a copy of LSDJ that I will try and figure out one day. In the meantime I'm happy listening to and promoting tunes by people who actually have talent. Yoroshiku! ( X vvv X )v / DJ LAME's Profile