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By Danny Hollar on Mar 22, 2012 5:30 am

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Well I like it.

Wait so did you like it or not?

I feel yeah, It needs more voice.
In a metaphorical sense.

I don't know how familiar with LSDJ you are (it is only one kind of sound on the chiptune scene, you don't have to like or even use it if you don't want to) but I am gonna suggest you listen to this really cool album done by a chiptune artist that lives in my area. This album really tells a story, and because of that, it is probably my favorite album of all time.

I like this one a lot more than the others you had linked to in the forum... overall, this is really good... its got a dreamy kind of melody, however the one suggestion I would make is that you should add in a little more variety to the song. Just mix it up a little more. A song is supposed to convey an emotion and I always feel like somewhere in the song, there should be a moment where the listener should have that emotion cast into doubt or distorted in some way. This song tells me that everything is totally chill and it should not change from that state; however, I feel as though this song could really be rockin' with a super dreamy bassline bridge with a fair bit of reverb and little arpeggios that dance in and out of existence like whispers on the wind... woah.... I kinda lost myself there for a second... kinda just got caught up in my imagination. I hope, though, that you see this as not a criticism, but advice on how you can become a more well rounded artist and give more depth to the work you wish to produce. Remember, good stuff is powerful... you really feel it...

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