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Jump Error (2010 Upgrade!)

By Disasterpeace on Mar 3, 2010 8:08 am

A seriously overhauled version of my track from three years ago "Jump Error". Will be on my next album! Also check for a blog on the process of updating a pre-existing song, if you're interested.

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Wow! Intricate composition, beautiful arrangement, and great choice of instruments. Awe!

Ahh that's awesome man!!! I can't wait to hear how it turns out. smile

Rich, this is such a killer reworking man. The thing I think I like most is that it doesn't take your ears a 30 seconds so settle in to the soundscape like the old one did. Before I kind of felt like "Square waves....Oh okay, now I get it" but now it just locks in. I'm going to try and add some of the things you changed here into the way we perform it in the next couple weeks, there will definitely be a good recording and video of  Jump Error uploaded here once we get the chance.

Absolutely brilliant. Your music makes my imagination run wild, and your style is so unique and solid!

Wow thanks Sebastian, that means a lot coming from you! Haha @Dan yea that's what I was going for there wink

Great song, almost sort of a reggae rhythm around 2:50 or so.

Awesome. Looking forward to your next release. You're such an inspiration.

very tight composition.  you should be proud!

Yep! That one is well under way. I actually played a work in progress of it to close out my Blip set.

This is great! I saw the blog post from your twitter. I hope you might be remaking another older song or too as well. Such as Death Satellite Evasion (one of the first chip songs I ever heard).

Thanks! Um, yea 16th note hi-hat at 180 beats per minute is kind've insane, haha... I'm guessing that's what you're referring to?

I thought it was really phenomenal how you documented this. The drums get a litte busy after the halfway mark, but it's nothing too serious. Solid!

Too good! Please make it less good.

I just commented on this track on 8bc. Seriously awesome stuff.

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