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Mission on Granthan / Music / Disasterpeace's music / Mission on Granthan

Mission on Granthan

By Disasterpeace on Sep 16, 2010 10:15 am

A cue from the 15-minute pixel art/animation film I recently scored, "Passcode: Soul of the Traveler". View here. Releasing the soundtrack soonish. smile

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i like it very much!

Brilliant. smile Lovely arps and chord progressions. I personally don't think the animation does it justice, but it's a great piece of music in its own right.

cheers guys! @fluidvolt its an interesting challenge having to write to someone else's requirements... it can be really rewarding (or really frustrating, haha) ... at its best it helps you try new ideas and come up with stuff you wouldn't normally write.

outstanding work, added to my selection of favourite disasterpeace tracks. i like your stuff better when you don't put in so much sugar wink

Very good, I like how adaptable you are to what you're scoring, although I guess that's implicit in that line of work. Interesting effect combining the NES sound with the more realistic laid-back drums. Looking forward to the score being released!

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