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That's Mister Coconut to You / Music / Disasterpeace's music / That's Mister Coconut to You

That's Mister Coconut to You

By Disasterpeace on May 3, 2010 9:27 am

This here's a track in the NES style for an as yet to be released indie platformer. It's also about Mr. Coconut.

Usage rights are reserved by the game developer (whom I sold the rights to.)

This submission is licensed by author under Copyright All rights reserved

so laid back, yet funky. it's nice! 

very very cool ;D

This is so awesome, vintage NES goodness. Kind of like Adventure Island meets Kirby's Dreamland. The laid back moments are especially great. Mr. Coconut lives on!

Wow, this is very NES style. Very simple, clean, easily recognized melody, no driving drum track/too much bass to detract from SFX. Should be really good in game.

luv it wink and now i can rest assured that game developer won't sue you at some point in history *ggg*

sweet bass lines too. Kinda like a walking jazz bass at some parts, kinda reggae on the bridge, all around nice!

I like how the melody fools you with those little ending phrases/scales. Sweet chorus too.

yea yea. such a good track!

I screwed up and posted with the wrong license, so I reupped. :-D

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