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Shit Drop

Shit Drop

By Dot.AY on Mar 20, 2010 11:30 am

Lyrics: Do a Shit Drop, A Heaps Shit Drop.

LSDJ, 1XDMG small amount of eq and compression (would like to do a proper mix)

hope you like it CC would be nice.

hopefully I will start uploading more regularly smile

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So fucking badass

Oh Wow thanks everyone! The almost 2min intro is a little ridiculous it works well live as I can talk over it... will def try and get a proper mix done big_smile

<---------- Face melted!

i took a shit then listened to this. nice bassss

I listened to this at work and it made me want to get violent. I came back for a second listen. Must be worth two shits. Nice one Dot.AY! Do a heaps more music.

The shit dropped... and i wasn't fucking ready for it... /me bleeds to death.

I'll second PlainFlavored.

big bass. i like this very much.
the whole thing is awesome.

*CAGs early stuff, as in, the awesome hypnotic, melodic loops that he made with different instruments having different length bars.

The first section of the song reminds me of CAG's really early stuff.

I love the halfspeed kit samples, we need more of that kind of stuff around here.

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