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Gonzalez Slow Down!!! / Music / El_Favorito's music / Gonzalez Slow Down!!!

Gonzalez Slow Down!!!

By El_Favorito on May 20, 2013 9:43 pm

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Member has requested constructive criticism

I noticed you've posted a lot of tunes for constructive criticism, but haven't gotten much. So...~~~~~

The tonal center is all over the place. It sounds more like drumming on musical notes than actual melody. I was able to pick out some things that made sense, but still... It's not quite "together" enough. Some people can make that atonal style work, but they usually understand a lot about music theory and have simply "transcended" conventional melody making, or just have something deep in their souls that they can effectively communicate through such music so that it touches your heart even though it sounds very "odd". I don't think you are at that point yet. If you want some artists who make experimental weird awesome "anti-melodic" stuff, look up ant1/aunt1 and zan-zan-zawa-veia. There are plenty of others, too. ~~~~

On the bright side, the second time the main theme comes around halfway through the tune, it did give me a good feeling. It's just a bit repetitive at the beginning, though.

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