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Duck Goes Quack / Music / Emar's music / Duck Goes Quack

Duck Goes Quack

By Emar on Feb 9, 2010 1:16 am

Nanoloop 2.1 + Lsdj synced,gemini mixer..... new taste of my rpm challenge

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it may be a task im willing to go through wink just dont want to lose the basis of what it would be live, but post prod is definitly do able

Bill Cosby started dancing on TV while I was watching this, it worked pretty well. Only criticism I could give is to abide by Akira's and Jellica's suggestions. I like the idea, and I feel like it could be achieved at it's best if everything was recorded separately...Then again that's a task and a half

I don't like the sidechain-like effect, or the "quack"? sample. The rest has potential. I'd pump the bass as well.
I'd use the buildup of the end at a breakdown in the middle, though.

yea, im thinking about doubling the bass in lsdj to give it some extra oomf, the problem im running into is the DMG being about 4 decibels louder than an SP, and even when i pull back on teh dmgs volume, the bass frequencies still are kind of low on the SP. more of this to come smile (and some angrier duck aswell!)

it didnt make me think of ducks, sorry. i need more angry duck to be satified. i quite liked the repetitivness though. can you make the bass bigger? i do like the 2.1 bass, nice and round.

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