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A Violet Monster Ate All The Cake / Music / Everandever's music / A Violet Monster Ate All The Cake

A Violet Monster Ate All The Cake

By Everandever on Nov 26, 2010 3:24 am

Care to give me some feeback? It's my first upload here so judge me as hard as you can.

Also, the transitions still suck, I always have trouble with these.

Also Also, I'd appreciate a Link to some awesome 8bit drumsets 'cause I can't seem to find anything but the toad vst.

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Member has requested constructive criticism

This is pretty cool but not brootal enough (:

Wow thanks a bunch, that drum machine is pure gold! I'll also take your suggestion into consideration

I use Dr. Sid for almost all my songs
It's a commodore 64 drum machine.

Personally I don't like the bass's sound. Maybe something clearer (like an NES low triangle wave)

How would it make my drums sound more unique and personal if I'd rip them from other peoples songs? Wouldn't it be a lot easier if I'd just get the drums these people use the same way they've gotten them?

for drums why dont you just make a bunch of your own samples from peoples songs? or you could get the LSDJ demo/famitracker/goatracker/whatever and make and record drum sounds samples and hits from there? it might be a bit more work, but it would make your drum sounds more unique and personal.

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