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まよう [mayo~u] (First NL Song) / Music / G0DLIKE's music / まよう [mayo~u] (First NL Song)

まよう [mayo~u] (First NL Song)

By G0DLIKE on May 3, 2010 6:16 am

GBL + NL 1.5. - まよう [mayo~u] (jap. for 'getting lost'). Well, my first Nanoloop Track. I got the cart about 3, 4 Weeks ago and I'm still finding out how to use it right. CC very appreciated, as well as Nanoloop tips. PS: FCKN RAVE!!! -dances-

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something that might help you with tuning the melody with the bass is that, in nanoloop, each pitch step is a semitone (one fret on a guitar). keep up the good work! nanoloop is endless...

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