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By G0DLIKE on Jun 13, 2011 5:43 pm

Empty (LSDJ SUB!)
Uploaded by G0DLIKE on June 12th 2011, 07:00 AM

2 x LSDJ V4.0.4 + Filter, Delay, Verb. --- After a long time making normal music, i got back to the roots and now I'm starting off with Gameboys again. At the moment i enjoy making darker music a lot more, and this is the result. It's simply 2 x LSDJ, + Effects, which also will work in the same setup live, without losing any of the effects, the song has. Subbass is comming straight from the Gameboy. The Empty Single will be out soon including 5 Remixes, as well as another new track.
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Member has requested constructive criticism

I like it man! I think I agree with akira, an underclocked GB would sound beautiful with this.

wicked! brings me back to shadow of the beast ch00nz by David Whittaker which are #1 in my bookz

I'd use hand-drawn waves for drums and snares instead of those samples, since you are using two GBs. Also add bass to the bass track. Maybe you should try underclocking one of the GBs!

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