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Mecha Dub (C Minor)

By Grayboy on Jul 20, 2010 12:40 pm

Once again, full song is on my music page.

I'm still new to making music since I've never had a music background UNTIL I started making chiptunes, but this song is one of the best I've made so far. It's still a little choppy but I like it like that, don't complain because that's how it is and it's how it will be. I could make it flow really well but in a lot of "Boss battles" in video games, the tables can turn at any point. This song is supposed to represent the beginning of a boss fight, the boss' first transformation (The first dub change-up) and then the heavy explosions (that eventually replace the hi-hat later on) are when you begin defeating the boss. At the end it starts back up because the Monster/Villain/Thing usually never "dies," so it's like they came back to life after you supposedly defeated them. Hope you enjoy it!

Oh and btw this song is a very filthy dubstep song. Sorry for anyone who's tired of hearing it so often from chiptune artists. Chipstep is fucking sexy though. And I HAVE worked on my rhythmics yet this song IS choppy right now. I know. It'll flow better in the end, I promise.

Created with one gameboy and LSDJ. Yeah yeah yeah. I'm planning on getting two gameboys though because I want 8 massive channels to make chords and better sounding drum sets.


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sounding good man. Expand on what you've learned here and make us a stomper!! smile

Thank you, do you mean the first 30 seconds or so of lead? Or the blank pause in the full song? I agree, it's a little too long before it gets to the first verse but that's fine since I can still fix it before releasing the EP. smile Thank youuu, ascii. ^^

I like it! But the intro to me seems just a bit long..

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