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By HolyNegative0 on Mar 30, 2012 1:37 am

Had the hardest time thinking of a name for something. Whipped this up yesterday and today. I think it's kind of cool. *shrug* Honestly, I think this is my personal best to date, but that's just my opinion. I impressed myself with the fact that I came up with some decent variation in the melody, sound, and beats, as well as that little noise section in the middle. That part was fun. :3 Anywho, I figured out how to frickin' record in stereo, finally. I love to experiment and do some fun things with panning, so maybe later I'll go back and rerecord my older songs in stereo. Who knows.
Written entirely in nanoloop 1.2, recorded and mastered in Audacity, just some fades.

Please comment and critique! I'd love to get better!

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I like the melody and the noise. I actually think the repetition and variation fits this song. Cool

I dig the first half a bunch. When that bass comes in halfway through things seem a little bit..sloppy?

I agree with the awesome noise channel. it keeps the song interesting with the melodies on top of it. id say if there was a key change or more leads it'd spice it up more but id take it as it is. great work!

it was plus 1...
Nice work. Sounds great.

1 Noise Channel

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