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Eyes Closed Fingers Crossed / Music / HurrigameBoy's music / Eyes Closed Fingers Crossed

Eyes Closed Fingers Crossed

By HurrigameBoy on Nov 12, 2014 8:06 pm

Hi Guys
Ive been making chip music for a while, just haven't been posting… recently?

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Man, this truly deserves my first comment. I just Love how refined and live every little sound here is, especially the bleepey ones, how you suspend the beat at around 3:46 and the thing you do at 4:05  ... Usually you can expect some sort of repetitiveness in the last half half/third of a given track, but you do deliver a piece where it all just clicks together so well. Thanks, you made my morning)
Cheers and do post more awesome tracks!

No way! ah man wow that's a seriously old mp3!! I don't think I even still have one! Thanks! It feels great to post something again after so long.

Look who's back from the dead! I still have a Picture Frame MP3 from the 8BC days. Welcome back!

Hey guys i just realised it cuts the tune off at 1:41 but there is still about 2 minutes of music unheard, anyone know why this has happened?

NICE! Glad to hear you're back posting stuff again!

AMAZING. Seriously this is beautiful. It's the subtle details that make this track for me.

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