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Across the Threads of Time

By IceWolf on Feb 11, 2014 1:03 am

A happy chiptune I made some time ago that was intended for a friend's visual novel game.

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Member has requested constructive criticism

0:00 Nice but short.
0:04 Hm. This one so-so. smile
0:56 Due pattern change it's new brand new track...listening like different bpm.
1:10 Ok. Mistake in this one is adding one more lead (instrument with same level of accent) w/o lowering or complete removing of previous one.
1:20 One more chop.
1:30 Part of of 1st track?
1:43 New again?
1:55 ...
2:00 At last...

Ok. So the summary is: Too many different patterns not connecter to each other. You need main theme, and then add variation upon it...
Well, if Your goal wasn't to make "solyanka".
Learn how to control at least one lead then You can try mixing leads etc. Use minor instruments to shade lead (but not overdo it).

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