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By J-Peg on Nov 18, 2013 2:41 pm

Pullin' all nighters to get that sidechain right big_smile please comment and critique on this song, it's completely original and it would be greatly helpful to spot my flaws so I can work on them

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Nice tune.  Works well with the 3:15am mood I'm in right now!!

With sidechaining - I often find it's better to just use ducking / automation on the volume a bussed set of items you want the kick to effect.  Especially with 4-to-the-floor.  I rarely use "sidechain" compression in the DAW world.  I do with hardware (you kinda have to!) - but it's really something you can control more with a bit of clever automation.

I like the way this tune progresses - the outro works really well.

its really good. can listen to it all day

which soft are you using?

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