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Linus & Lucy

By Jansaw on May 14, 2013 9:35 pm

Said I'd upload this during Christmas and forgot. mastering is a bit off... oh well. Haven't been on here in a while!
Famitracker, Voila!

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Thanks uuni^_^

This is wonderful! I absolutely love how you've made this

Thanks dudes!
I made this for an 8bc xmas album a few years ago. I remember really paying attention to the tonal theory... I liked how it turned out, though.

Oh dang..forgot comment section doesn't let you do alt code stuff

It's a  %u0336C%u0336h%u0336r%u0336i%u0336s%u0336t%u0336m%u0336a%u0336s%u0336  mid spring miracle Charlie Brown!

My brain can't really process this... @[email protected]

I can't help loving it, though.

What a bizarre reimagining of the song...I like it.

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