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New Direction Final Demo (Guitar+solo/LSDj) / Music / Jansaw's music / New Direction Final Demo (Guitar+solo/LSDj)

New Direction Final Demo (Guitar+solo/LSDj)

By Jansaw on Mar 1, 2011 3:47 am

Final demo release of this. The near musical future will be devoted to perfecting this art, and recording properly, as I have some crazy chip metal songs in the works, also. Here's a taste: full demo. still crappy recording. Using a better (electric)guitar. badass improv guitar solo that you may not be able to hear (my phone isn't a mixer). 1x dmg/LSDj. 1x Guitar. 1x iPhone recording studio. EP and Full Length will be on their way. … 0654337227

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Thanks a bunch:) I've recorded several demos using better mics and direct line in for dmg track. Even added some epic vocals;) I'm excited the direction it's going.

alot of times i feel like the gameboy and the other instrument used just dont fit together, but i feel like this is fitting just fine.

im really liking this...

That's exactly the route I'm going. I have a few songs made that I'm going to practice recording with, and make some higher quality stuff using condenser mics with the amps and acoustics, as well as line in recordings from lsdj. I'm actually really excited to record the ones I have; I haven't been this proud with my music in a while (not this tune, the ones I have up my sleeves). I doubt I'll be releasing them one by one. I want to make a full length.

Definitely keep working in this direction.  I'm a guitar player myself so it's interesting to hear these types of songs scattered around here and there.  I agree the recording quality leaves much to be desired as do the instrument levels/timbre , but it's definitely a solid song.  With more experimentation with recording and post production I can definitely get into this shit.

Figures it'd get annoying for you right at the start of the solo.

Things start getting... too annoying to enjoy listening to by 3:00...  You've got some interesting ideas but it's hard to get over the poor recording quality and somewhat cheesy guitar.  I feel like you've got a slower, simple song that you might be clouding up a bit too much, it can be overbearing, maybe try and focus on the most important elements to find what's best for the song.

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