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New Direction (Guitar/LSDj/demo)

By Jansaw on Feb 26, 2011 5:21 am

Hello! This is the new direction I want to head in. I plan on writing more of these, and adding vocals. This was recorded with my phone, so the mix/quality is going to be bad. I think it sounds awesome. Yes? No? 1x lsdj/1x dmg. 1x crappy acoustic guitar. 1x phone to record.

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Thanks! I do like demo quality recordings sometimes. How about, when I finish the tune (vocals and all), I record a version like this:)? Or just release live sessions of the album I plan on making.

i thought that there was a lot of charm to the quality of this recording.  reallyreallygood.  i honestly think i would prefer this version appose to a cleaner cut of it. mad props

Ya I was wondering whether or not the DMaj7 would sound good:P
I do have mics to record with, I just don't have them with me at the moment (at home for reading week off school). Once I get it all done I'll be recording it properly and probably adding some vocals once it's all done.

I like...
Deffinately for your next version try getting a hold of some recording gear to somthing to record both parts, Im keen to see revision 2 of this

Nice flow smile

sounds cool. i'll be lookin out for it. do you have access to higher quality mics? higher quality would definitely catch people's ear.
oh, and to correct myself down there, I meant:

Am / C / G / F D7 / ->Am ...not DMaj7(that'd sound a little weird)...going with the whole dominant resolution dealy.

That's actually what I was thinking when I uploaded this: it's totally not done, but I just want to see what the reception to this sound would be. I plan on going into a bridge after that last melodious part (instead of going back to the Am progression). I'll probably go to Bb after the last F there and pick it up a bit more to change it up. Also, I'm going to be adding some vocals, which would severely affect the repetition. Good ear! I'm glad you were able to predict my next steps, haha.

sorry for the jumbled text, do i have to use <br> html <br> to <br> space <br> properly?

cool stuff. pr0ps for sticking with a minor key. here's my tidbit/CC:

i think the chord progression would have a bit more attitude if, instead of:

Am / C / G / F / -> Am ~etc  over and over, every so often you played around with

Am / C / G / F Ab /  -> Am ~etc
Am / C / G / F Bb -> Am ~etc
and a cool way to end the whole thing would be
Am / C / G / F DMaj7 / -> Am

and for harmonizing the melodies when you're in the Ab or Bb chords, just pull out the A minor harmonic scale and you'll be sounding great. knowuti'msayin?

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