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HardSID UPlay test / Music / Jellica's music / HardSID UPlay test

HardSID UPlay test

By Jellica on Feb 18, 2010 1:46 am

small test of the HardSID UPlay using goattracker 8580. this thing sounds loverly, although im still struggling to control this beast

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aciiiiid \o/

you can just hit record on whatever program while its playing in goattracker. its a lot louder when coverted to sid then recorded using acid64. goattracker makes it real quiet.

There's a way of recording wav/mp3 without exporting it to sid first? I didn't know that! How'd you do this?

The track is ace, even though I prefer more melodic type .sids

your shit you could be better thats constructive!!!

i'm oj i love you

the more sid the better.

Good stuff! I am listening from laptop speakers right now, but the resonance sounds pretty high compared to my 8580 C64C. Keep tracking.

ace track

ive not put out a sid.

yeah thats what im doing, i've had some percussion advise from some pros, and theres plenty of sounds to disect that come with goatytracker. I'll get there. I did make some nice kicks using the goattracker emulation, but they sound totally differnt through the hardsid.

Those things are very possible. I really like it, nice sounds. Anywhere to download a sid file?

How are you building your kicks? I've seen some with good body that cycle through waveforms (noise for attack, square for sustain and tri for release). No idea if that's possible in goattracker though. Same for snares (noise-square-noise).

my percussion is not so hot. the kicks are flabby and the snares are pissy and the hihats are wimpy

Bob Ross! smile

Woo, acSID! Agree with the others, really good sounds. I've long since given up on trying to achieve perfect brain to synthesis signal to noise ratio, and adapted the Bob Ross school of Happy Accidents instead.


Mate this is magic, what are you specifically not happy with sound wise?

none really, just me being overly critical of my c64 skills compared to my lsdj skills, it takes me ages to achieve the sounds i want and im still not completly happy with them at the moment. Its something that will change as i get used to the hardware.

Whats the struggle?

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