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Keys + Rytmik Test

By Jredd on Feb 24, 2012 11:19 am

I made a quick loop with the hip hop version of Rytmik on my dsi, then I played some synth keys along with it for a small test. It;s not quite a full song but It's nice for a test and could serve as a "preview" of things to come in the future. The beat itself was made with rytmik hip hop king. If you have a dsi/3ds and have not downloaded these games yet, you may consider it after this! Let me know what you think so far big_smile.

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Ha ha thanks! Yes, I have all four rytmik games now. I made a song with retro bits called "Retro Rush" It's in my profile smile. I like both noisechannel and here for different reasons. It's a bit easier to post music here, but Noisechannel is great for posting albums smile. Thanks for the listen man big_smile

Hey dude. This is great! I love Rytmik, so this song really appeals to me. Great funky beat, very otherworldly melodies. Did you download the "Retrobits" version of Rytmik yet? Be sure to get it if you haven't already. By the way, I tried out NoiseChannel for a while after 8bitcollective stopped working, but I think I like this place better.

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