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Sea Breeze (Featuring Dropbit)

By Jredd on Dec 14, 2013 11:02 pm

So dropbit put a nice simple bass line down with some drums and I spruced it up a tad an added some fm piano chords. Here's the end result. Not mind blow, and it's short but it's kind of pretty. I felt maybe it's good enough to share. I hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks for listening smile.

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Very nice indeed.

Oh man, Jredd and Dropbit this is nice!

Thanks dude I'll try it out.

If you are talking about the high detuned square waves then yes that's psg. If you want the psg to have that sound you can use one psg like normal, and then put a layer of the same notes on another channel of psg and use a 101 to like 104 command on the first note and then put a 100 in front of each following note you want that detune effect on. The same works with 201 to 204. It's just a very slight pitch slide up or down in between notes layered on top of normal notes that creates that sound. I hope that helps big_smile.


Is that synth type sound coming from the PSG channels? I can't seem to figure out how to work them to make them sound like that.

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