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Solar Rider

By Klamm on Dec 6, 2013 11:35 pm

Continuing my experimental phase, mixed a little with new functions.

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

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Thanks, I love the music in Tron Legacy btw ^-^

Sounds great, reminded me of the Solar Sailer from Tron Legacy, I just wish it was longer big_smile

thanks guys for the nice feedback! ^_^  The next one will be in the same "spirit", with a little more blip, but just a little ^-^ . It's always a bit challenging to preserve a kind of certain atmosphere with (too) much variation but i'll keep going, thanks again.

Dang this is really cool!  The atmosphere it creates is really great.  It's elegantly made as well, it sounds clean, like there isn't any thing in it that isn't contributing positively to the over all feel.  I always appreciate elegance, because it means you found something that works well, and you know very clearly well how to use it, and no clutter gets in the way.  I think it shows raw skill.  I like how it builds to somewhere in the middle as well.  And the name is very fitting.

I think it's a bit too repetitive, but that may be okay for what it is.  It sets the feel VERY well.  But it doesn't feel like much happens here.  I think that's mainly due to the lack of melodic content.  That's why I say that it may be okay that it feels repetitive, because it feels like it's setting the stage.  And the overall piece wouldn't be too repetitive if there was more melodic content.

But of course, all of that is assuming that you wish for the final result to be a finished standalone piece of music.  You say that you are experimenting, and in that case, these are very good results, in my opinion!

Sounds really cool.  Like a movie soundtrack.

This is good, but there isn't enough "blip."

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