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Seahorse Dreams / Music / Kubbi's music / Seahorse Dreams

Seahorse Dreams

By Kubbi on May 9, 2013 3:04 pm

From the new Kubbi EP album Gas Powered EP

Download it for free here:

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Thanks so much, duder! smile

I've just come back from listening to the whole thing through, and my goodness, you aced this. Excellent work. It sounds so much like a great Mega Man X BGM, it's incredible.

Listening to Up In My Jam now, and it's also great. I like how different it is compared to this, and how it's got a beat. Really like these "Chiptune   Real instrument mixed" styles. big_smile

This is pretty great! Reminds me of a Mega Man X level with the guitars and lead synth. I think the lead could be louder / less 'reverbed'. Perhaps this was recorded live? Anyway, excellent work!

Thanks guys! @Rick, I appreciate the feedback and I see what you mean. I'll be working on some new snare sounds smile

I must say that this just makes me smile to see the NES as lead singer to this awesome song, your talent in blending the electric guitar with the melodies of the Nintendo are truly profound nice work!

I don't like it

I could see how some people could but it's just cheesy, and the snare sound is really annoying.

It's hard to describe how great this is in solid words.

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