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No name metal

By Leprosy on Oct 4, 2011 8:41 pm

So I guess this is the third chiptune that I've written. I decided to post it somewhere because I can't tell whether it's really goofy or not. I must of heard it about 30 times now and it's hard to tell whether I'm writing absolute crap or not. I figured maybe someone could give me a few pointers on what to change etc. I learnt from the Norrin Radd tute so if it sounds way too much like his music then that's why.

Go easy on me, first post/newby =]

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Thanks for the nice comments. I'm having a mess with my own samples now and also ripping some other ones to see what sounds best. I'm struggling with decent cymbal sounds though which is why I used the slightly OTT cymbal in this one. I guess chip death metal is always gonna sound kind of Norrin Radd and unless he's bothered, I'm fine with that. I wrote it on a guitar, then entered it into ModPlug (Yeah I know not real chip music). It's a bitch to play on guitar =]

Ooh, I really like this.
I'm fine with the cymbals, but I'm not liking your other drum samples. Something about them sounds odd.

The melody is really nice. What did you write this with?

i don't know that tutorial, so i'm just enyoing this wink

Interesting. Very Norrin Radd in style, but as you stated you used his tute. I'm not a big fan of the analog drum samples you've used for rides, hats and crashes. The composition saves most of the song, however. But there's the neverending nagging of ''Norrin Radd'' through out. You should look into creating your own samples or tracking for an other system to solidify an original sound for yourself.

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