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Melodic Breakcore For Your Pants / Music / Lowash's music / Melodic Breakcore For Your Pants

Melodic Breakcore For Your Pants

By Lowash on Jun 26, 2010 6:06 am

This song spawned off of a piano arpeggio i had recorded. It's in the song about halfway through. Nothing special about the breaks... just different amen loops. I got lazy and downloaded some loops off of freesound. I just wanted to write some tight melodies. Hope someone enjoys this!

(People ask if that is Dblue Glitch: I am not sure, but whoever made the sample most likely used it. Cheers)

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@null1024 latest reply ever, but yes. The Drums were lazy samples that I wrote the melodies over. I have never used Dblue but I've been asked before so whoever made the sample probably did use it. Good ear.

Is that some DBlue Glitch I hear [it has this characteristic sound, kind of like how you can tell if a song was made in Renoise or some other program with really identifiable effects]?

Nice job. The breaks work, and the melody is really nice. I like the part at 2:04  a lot too. Although the synthy strings at 2:20 sound a bit weird.

Also, about the beginning, why don't you add a few bars of silence to try to get it to render? You can always cut whatever is left out in Audacity or whatever.

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