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Hornets' Assault (1-bit chiptune) / Music / MISTER BEEP's music / Hornets' Assault (1-bit chiptune)

Hornets' Assault (1-bit chiptune)

By MISTER BEEP on Apr 16, 2015 9:46 pm

This is a 1-bit chiptune from ZX Spectrum 48K (BEEPER).

The tune is a 9-channels song made for a single ZX Spectrum 48K / Timex 2048 computer.

I composed this song using the Octode M4 engine (programmed by Introspec).

Recorded from real hardware - the Timex Computer 2048.

If you like the chiptune, you can check out my WWW site (with more stuff) -

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

@HectorShand, it has been available for a while now - just check out the distribution of the engine here:
Not the .tap files, but .sna files - they are all in the "demo" folder (many thanks goes to Yerzmyey for allowing me to include these tracks).

Note that I did not make the original post and the download link in the post is not correct (it has been modified since the publication).
I did post the correct link in the comments there.

fantastic. i hope these one day are available in a demo or just plain .tap

I always enjoy the pants off your releases Mr. BEEP!!

Thanks mates!

You can find some newer things on smile

Totally excellent  smile

Have you been composing recently? I only have "A thousand Furious Bees" from 2011. yikes

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