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Spring is coming / Music / MISTER BEEP's music / Spring is coming

Spring is coming

By MISTER BEEP on Mar 7, 2011 4:40 am

ZX Spectrum 48K and its BEEPER.

That's my third song for ZX48 made with OCTODE - 9 channels engine for a single BEEPER (8 tones + 'interrupting' drums, to be exact).
It ends a bit suddenly but everything indicates my song "ate" all the 48K RAM of ZX. smile So I gave the "fade out" on the end.
Ah well.

This time I wanted to make something more melodical and cheerful, using the engine. Hm.

By the way, I warn you once again that it's probably only for 1-bit chiptunes' fans. ;-)

Recorded from real hardware. (Btw, I invite you to 1-bit music forum! wink )

PS: Bagpipes on the end? Well, Spectrum is a UK machine. wink

PS.2: One more new 1-bit song from me is here:

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