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Triton and mermaid (1-bit)

By MISTER BEEP on Mar 30, 2011 1:00 am

Another 1-bit chiptune from ZX SPECTRUM 48K and its beeper.

This is my very first song made on Shiru's TRITONE engine. The engine's name is a joke because it provides _three tone_ wink  channels plus one track for drums (which gives 4 audible channels from a single beeper).
Also it gives various modulations and volumes.

Recorded from real hardware.
Enjoy. wink (And I invite you to 1-bit music forum! wink )

PS: Yes, sound might seem a bit "fluent" sometimes but remember - that's a software-synthesizer on a 3,5 Mhz CPU!!!!

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

Awesome! Think this engine will be included in Beepola at some point?

I am glad I caught this. This is amazing big_smile.

There are two main ways of mixing channels. First, like in SpecialFX engine, or 3-5 channel Tim Follin's engines, is generating very short pulses, it is like PWM - shorter pulses, lower volume. The sound is always 'thin' in this case. Second, like in Music Box, or Phaser1, is interleaving outputs of channels with high frequency, close or higher than audible range.

In case with Tritone the second method is used. If you provide the same time for outputs of every channel, they are equal in volume. If you provide a bit less time for a channel, it has lower volume, and if you provide a bit more time for a channel, it is louder.

All: thanks a lot my friends. smile
uB: I suspect Shiru is the one to answer this.

Yeah, god way to show off dynamics. How do the different volumes work with 1 bit anyways?

awesome stuff man! \o/

awesome stuff, as always! big_smile i gotta give that engine a shot too at some point.

simply WOW!!!! awesome awesomeness is awesome!!!!!!!!!

This turned to be pretty unusual and interesting. You won't hear so deep and clean echo in ZX beeper music often.

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