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By MegaMantra on May 27, 2012 10:19 pm

The fear of heights; by extension, the fear of rapid downward motion; thus follows a great deal of motion.

Seriously though, first track I've recorded off a DMG.  It NEEDS criticism, namely two things (among anything else you can imagine): A) did the recording turn out okay, and B) did I manage to create a "full" sound with the song?  As in, is it painfully obvious that I'm a noob with no idea what he's doing or does it at least come close to sounding like something you'd expect from a pro?  Again, if you can tell me why I deserve it then feel free to tear me a new one.

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I listened to it a few hours before I even read your post about criticism.

It's not bad at all.

overall the percussion is a little repetitive but sometimes that is what is part of what makes a  song, it works in this case I think.
maybe if there was a little bit more to the melody the repetition wouldn't stand out so much.

but I do like the bass line all by itself.
overall pretty good, not bad for a first

I like it. Maybe some variation with the percussion. Like drop the hihats for a little bit then bring them back. Make them with more decay towards the end so it makes the song more intense. Good job though. Really liked the arps. Also, if you do drop the hihats out at a part, make the bass more subdued. Same baseline but change the sound to something a little quieter. In the long run, it'll add some dynamics to the song. Don't think I'm judging too much or being picky, I just think it'd be a cool build up. big_smile

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