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MilLs Dj - ChipStep Fatality / Music / MilLs Dj's music / MilLs Dj - ChipStep Fatality

MilLs Dj - ChipStep Fatality

By MilLs Dj on Jun 10, 2012 2:11 am

My first Chipstep, makes me wanna headbang big_smile

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ok, it was my first chipstep,so yea

I like the melody of it, but if you want it to be chipstep then it needs a bassline.  The kicks from the drum kits carry virtually no weight behind them; if you want to add some gravity to the track then I think you need to at least use a standard Pulse or Wav kick.

  Things do jump into high gear around 3:05 or so, and it certainly sounds enough like dubstep at that point, it just needs to have some bass to back up the higher frequencies smile

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