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Ending Theme

Ending Theme

By MisfitChris on May 12, 2010 11:57 pm

I decided to take Rudy The Robot down hahaha, I was getting annoyed at the TTS version. Anyways to replace it here's the ending theme from my Demo. It's supposed to be like the credits rolling all that. Intentionally Fakebit, but also trying to give off a old school vibe too.  Oh and sorry for the re post - ____ -

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Great job! I really love your style smile

Thank you thank you. I fixed this song! But you'll have to wait for my EP to hear big_smile

I personally like the switch up. very interesting, but I feel that it could be a bit better if you switched back and forth from the time signatures (if possible). Maybe that way the listener could become more accustomed to the changes. Just an idea. Really good track though.

Seriously amazing stuff there. The beat structure around the 50 second mark transition was kinda too abrupt as I was REALLY getting into the first 30-45 seconds, but still. Awesome.

Nice jam! Definitely has that end credits feel, and I look forward to this release.

Yeah, I actually had troubles transitioning into the time signature there. I'm gonna see if I can't rework it. Thanks for the kind words guys! Rich I'm gonna send you a demo soon! It will be an interesting listen at the least hahaha.

really good material here, and interesting palette. the transition at 0:50 feels a little sudden, but you seem to like that spastic feel, so maybe its just a matter of personal preference. cheers!

this is so good! love it man smile

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