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MisfitChris Live Set Intro

By MisfitChris on Feb 11, 2010 9:30 pm

Tomorrow's Intro for my show with OxygenStar at Wrench In The Works. If you live near CT you should come out and have some fun with us! Oh, I used Milkytracker and Ableton for this. Mostly Milkytracker cept the samples.

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you just gotta work on getting the levels even and LOUD.... !!! we can get up sometime, and I try to help ya out... because you music needs to be loud and PUMPIN !!!!!!!!

"Nothing amazing happens here, everything is ordinary" QFT

Haha I butchered my set. Sound and midi troubles. Carl was amazing though!

awwww, I wish I could make it! I was just imagining what that will drop into!...ohh man...have a great show, guys! smile

Nothing amazing happens here, everything is ordinary.

hahaha that;s ok XD. I'm gonna put more goodies in the set. I'm having some trouble trying to come up with ways of like, actually doing things during the set though. I've opted to have all the songs in one live file, but the downside of that is I cant mash things up as much. Hopefully I'll think of something

haha nice!! but you gave away your secret intro !!!!!!!

Nice! &cool use of samples. smile Do I hear singing samples?
I wish I could come to the show, but I have no idea what or where CT is. hmm

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