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Welcome To 1998 (Rough Mix)

By MisfitChris on Mar 8, 2010 7:13 am

nusfitxgeus - qwkxin ri `889 *eiyfg nuz*

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Very nice.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention: Excellent production quality, good job with that.

hehe, thanks man : ]

lol I think I messed up in places. Anyways, basically: Good work, I like the instruments, especially when you fast trigger and stop them. I'm totally allergic to that fade-in filter house stuff though, it's making me dizzy sad A lot of care has gone into detailing things, and I like that a lot.

I can't decode it!!!! Unless you just scribbled in thur.

U kujw rgw fkurxgt atbrg ybwe rgw nwkist, vyr ucw bwcwe vwwb dibs id rgiaw dukrwe-giyaw-kujw d'sw-uba. Aoiuka ur ainwqg'r die nw, vyr rgw ewar ua few'r! Fiis qiej!

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