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Give Them Blood

Give Them Blood

By NationalBroadcastNetwork on Aug 10, 2012 3:59 pm

Another ataripunk track. Chipsounds over drum machine.

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Thanks guys. There's going to be a lot like this on the next album.

this is great! i love the textures, i immediately wanted to mosh.

   another great track.

Whoa this is damn cool

Yeah, wanst even sure if it was a vocoder at first. I listened both through the player and downloaded it [no equalizer, etc.].  Speakers and good headphones.  I hear it better now.  Leave it as is.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Hmmm. Did you turn the player up to full volume? CM.O has the player set to around 60-70% by default. When I have the volume set to max the vocoder comes through well on both headphones and computer speakers. Or try listening on regular speakers if you're not and let me know how it sounds. Thanks for the input though. I'll test it out further on different speakers and see how it sounds.

Created an account just to tell you how much I enjoyed this track.  I love your atari/punk.  The only thing I notice is the added tune at 00:44-01:00.  It sounds muffled. But I'm not certain yet if I would suggest changing it.

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