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Staring Into The Night

By NimbleF0x on Oct 9, 2014 8:43 pm

Influenced by deep thought.

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Member has requested constructive criticism

Yo man, so I saw you posted looking for CC and I thought this would be a good place to leave it. I'm a novice at best with LSDJ, but I didn't see the veterans clamoring to drop wisdom, so I'll have to do for now brother. tongue  Probably a good start is a piece advice that I try to remind myself of whenever I'm tracking: Make lots of different instruments and learn how to fit them in while serving the song. I like to make a clean basic lead with each duty value and then extras to add envelopes and tables to. Tables are really cool, I honestly don't know much about using them yet, so this may be blind leading the blind here, but hey. Once I have all those instruments together I try to make a melody that stretches over like four chains or so, that way I don't get stuck repeating myself too often by just reusing the same chain. In Famitracker I usually start with drum & bass stuff and then build melody over the top. I kinda play with Leads in my head while listening to the frames of the whole progression on repeat, or even play along until I find what I'm looking for. That's a bit more complicated in LSDJ, but you can kinda do the same thing. Have you explored the wav channel much yet? It can really add a lot of meat as a rhythm instrument. Lately I've been figuring out how to use the S and E commands on noise stuff to make cool drums/sounds like the ones you use early on. As a general rule I try to keep the noise stuff on the quieter side, because I feel like it has a tendency to jump up in the mix because of it's piercing tone. One thing that really helped me get into the LSDJ interface/style is all the great youtube tutorials out there. It may seem like really common knowledge, but since my initial disappointment with the lack of FT tutorials I didn't look into the LSDJ material on offer right away. Now I'm having these "duh" moments where dude explains something it took me an hour to figure out in like, five seconds. Anyway, keep it up man, and good luck.

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