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Night NX

Night NX

By Nullatrum on Jan 18, 2012 5:36 am

My first "real" chiptune (Using LSDJ and all that jazz). Please leave constructive criticism, your likes/dislikes, opinions, and what I should work on/what I should stop doing/etc. etc. etc.


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Member has requested constructive criticism

SketchMan3 wrote:

I really like the programming of the noise channel and wav channel samples

That necro though, nonetheless Thanks!

I really like the programming of the noise channel and wav channel samples

hi Nullatrum! melody (especially the opening!!) has a super charming nostalgic vibe like altered beast or something! keep at it! big_smile quite nice flow, hmm my main criticism is the track sort of rolls along in the background without having anything that really stands out and grabs me, sweet tune but a little rambling, the melody also feels a little flat and could use phrasing and shaping, the composition moves and develops but not in a particularly coherent way, things sort of just happen and change without going anywhere, title 'night nx' is appropriately vague -- i would considering trying to make a totally exaggerated extreme composition where you really push hard on one idea or one feeling, definitely keep practicing and listening to others!!! big_smile good luck!!! 

Really like the the over all song.

Needs more low bass in my opinion. Sounds good although you could take more advantage of sound design.

See this thread for help on sound design! Thread Here

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