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sadnes - Take you out

By O2star on Jul 12, 2010 2:47 am

Here is a sadnes track. I used midines, guitars and my voice of course..... The debut album is set to release on August 13th..... YEE YA.

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this ep is amazing

Man, this takes me right back. Distilled 90s. Why didn't they have NES beeps then, it fits so perfectly. I love how the guitar is mixed in, that's deffo the right sound. *puts on Incesticide*

@tacticalbread: you found out before I did!

alot of people still dont know I think.. heh...

lol, so I guess I'm the last one on this site to know that you're sadnes. Good stuff, can't wait for the album. ;D

i wanna taste it


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