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KawaiiKyle - band practice

By OmO on Aug 22, 2014 3:26 am

This is from a challenge where I wrote a couple tunes in 6 hours while sick.

It can be found here

Check it out!

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

Member has requested constructive criticism

Most of the songs from this EP are being re-written for a later full album. So your suggestions do not fall on deaf ears. The choppy breakbeat is already in the works! wink Thanks a bunch Kool Skull I have some glitch/thrash stuff in the works that might rustle your jimmies.

duuuude YES!! this shit is fucking awesome! i'd add a gnar breakdown with choppy beats as well as a slower half beat part with a different melody if i were you, but that's just what I'd do personally. i love this track man! cool melody and it didnt feel to repetitive. could use some more sonic diversity to feel like a FULL song but its great so far.

wow! thanks a bunch honestly! smile

whatt ! that was killer. I love a good pace like this  and the well placed human sounds. nice touch

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