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KawaiiKyle - Thra$h City (needs work)

By OmO on Aug 31, 2014 9:26 am

Playing around working on stuff for my full length.

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Thanks! Yeah I really like mixing in vocal kits.

whaat ! amazing mixture. love the voices mixed in

Thanks a bunch infodrive, dude that really means alot! heart

Not failing to mention your insane wav work! Killer jam!

Daaaamn son! This is so sick! Love that vocal synth work. Just an all around banger with great rhythms and breaks. Nice work! Keep 'em crankin'!

Thankssss!! I love that album! I'll change the name to match my album's name. Thanks for all the kind words and shit guys really! heart

This is righteous shit dude. Seriously, make an album of stuff like this. Thrash City by Wizwars (as mentioned by Kool Skull)  is also totally badass if you're into chip thrash stuff. Personally I prefer his more melodic jams, but that's just me, haha.

oh fuck this is realllly fucking sickass!!! nice instruments! maybe add another snare in another channel i guess? idk reallly hard ass shyt, cant wait to hear the full length track. maybe u should chooz a new name tho since that was already a wizwars releassse aaaheheh

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