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Mikromusikwerk 01 (CASIO CT-670)

By PSS-270 on Nov 21, 2017 10:03 pm

Okeyyy, my new (2017) CASIO song! wink The only toy used - CASIO CT-670 home-keyboard from 1992.
But this time - also with a sequencer - ATARI 520ST with Cubase 2.1 (both from 80s).
It's kind of synthpop / italo-disco. smile Enjoy!

I always wanted to have the CT-670 to see what it can do. Well, MANY interesting instruments + some synthesizer section: nice.
Still, there's only 4 channels of MIDI and also usage of the MIDI itself it's highly unclear here (but possible to use nevertheless).

Casio-core for life!!!!!!!

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

well done!

Heh, thanks a lot mate.
Well, there are 3 main groups of chiptuners - the biggest one: game-consoles' users; a fairly big one: computer users; and the smallest one: the toy-keyboards' (plus other old toys) fans. smile Not many of us, but there is some bunch of guys. wink (Also, sometimes the same soundchips are in toy-keyboards, the computers and the game-consoles, hehe).
Anyway, probably soon I will upload something more from the keyboard. Its sound is very raw so I was wondering whether it's possible to make a techno-pop / electro music on such a lo-fi instrument. (And yes: it is wink ).
Thank you again,

I can't believe nobody else commented on this.  I really like your music and listened to this one a number of times, it's got a good drive and creative use of the sounds.  I'd upvote but I have no Facebook/etc.

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