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Manny Lugo, (PN1CPLNT)

Chiptune and pizza enthusiast from the small island of Puerto Rico. Proficient in procrastination and beer.

I enjoy making music, I've been a musician for about 12 years (guitar/bass/keys) and more recently i've jumped into electronic music production. While I'm a fan of a lot of genres like IDM, DnB and the like, I've found that in chiptune is where my heart resides. Thus I've decided to put forth all my creative juices to try to make something that makes me happy.

I have worked on/recorded various tracks utilizing DAWs, but since late 2012, I've focused all my efforts into producing with DMGs.

We'll see where this takes me. Nice to meet all of you, and feel free to hit me up!

See you on mars! / PanicPlant's Profile