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Feel that? That's Justice fool / Music / Pastel Arsenal's music / Feel that? That's Justice fool

Feel that? That's Justice fool

By Pastel Arsenal on May 9, 2010 11:27 pm

Another fakebit track of mine. The pads and drums are'nt 8-bit chip emulations but the rest is. I was trying to combine the lightness of major scales and the darkness of minor scales in this one.

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Member has requested constructive criticism

thanks folks. I'll try out your suggestions arfink. Listening to it again i think  I could also maybe pan the two pads to left and right and maybe that will give them some more clarity.

Nice chilled out feel. great job!

Wow, this is pretty excellent, another download-worthy tune! However, your distant-sounding "background arps" have so much reverb that they sound slightly muddy. I think with some tweaking you could make them slightly more crisp and still sound distant. The same could go with the pulsing lead around 1:50, which looses some clarity because of the high amounts of reverb. Of course, if you were willing to tempo down a bit that'd solve the problem of loss of clarity without any need to change the reverb.

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