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Temple of the Smiley Faces

By Pastel Arsenal on May 4, 2010 8:50 pm

Well, another track of mine that walks the line between chip and ??? I still used only 8-bit emulations for the synths, yet the fx give it a digital kind of quality (technically it's digital anyway). I'm having second thoughts about the record stop and gating on it. Do you think it sounds too cliche or gimmicky? I think I'm going to take it out but I was wondering what other people thought. Thanks for any comments/criticism.


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Hmm, I don't think it seems too gimmicky... sounds kinda nice, with some fabulous warblyness. Keep up the unique sounds!

Thanks for your compliment fluidvolt. I don't think the melody is gimmicky, but I was refering to the tapestop and gating fx.

I'm not sure why you would think it sounds too cliche/ gimmicky, I haven't heard much of this style from many chip artists. It's a pretty solid track in my opinion, with that soothing quality that you don't hear too often.

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