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Time is Relative (tick tock)

By Pastel Arsenal on May 18, 2010 2:51 am

Having fun with a speech synthesizer. I know the robot singing is a bit goofy for the melody but it was fun to make. I also used a variety of FSU plugins for the glitches in the last 4 bars (effectrix, dblue glitch, Black ops). Also used nes noise, nes pulse, unknown 64, and 38911 bytes.

piece and loaf

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Pastel Arsenal, your work is so good. You need an avatar. I will make you one. My music skills are weak, but I can do some pretty good minimalist pixel art. What do ya think?

As for the music, I think that some variation in what the robot says would be more ideal. Like actual lyrics. It would move the song from cool to just plain awesome. As for the stuttering, I think it sounds cool for a robot, but it would sound more natural if instead of beginning each tone with the "t" sibilant of tick-tock there was some vowel usage. You know, lyrical phrasing. I don't know if the intent was to leave it sounding less natural, if so then you've certainly hit the nail on the head.

I think it would improve the track to hand some of the lead melody to a synth, especially the quicker melody parts where it sounds like he's stuttering (not the glitchy parts). Also thought it could benefit from a break of sorts. Other than that it's a pretty great track.

i actually like this quite a bit.

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