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Trisqularinine Chromatherapy (LIVE)

By Pieces of Eight on Sep 13, 2012 2:40 pm

Here's a stab I took at electric-acoustics back in my undergrad days in 2009.

I wanted to write something with live instruments and chip sound, along the lines of what Tristan Perich would create. I've always noticed the lower registers of the clarinet to sound similar to that of a triangle wave produced by the NES and GB's soundchip, so that was my basis for this.

Being brutally honest with myself, in retrospect, I made the second half a little too "pop-ish" and didn't focus enough on blending sounds between clarinet and chip; rather, the digital audio file started acting more like an accompaniment than anything. (chipsound was played through amp'ed CD player, I didn't or do not have LSDj, MIDInes, etc)  Also, I didn't have enough time to rehearse with the clarinet player (isn't that always the case), most notably because the chip samples were out of tune and the clarinetist had a time of having to adjust and compensate.

I wouldn't mind re-working the second half one day and doing a mixed down recording to better show the synthesis of the wind instrument and sound chip, rather than an all-in-one-go take.

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I always enjoy it when artists combine more classical instruments with chiptunes and the clarinet sounds almost a perfect match for the pairing.  I do agree that the second half was a bit, as you put it "pop-ish" but it wasn't too distracting from the overall track.  For an all-in-one-go take, this is a fantastic listen and I would love to hear a cleaner and more proper version.

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