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By Plants Of Prisms on Feb 17, 2017 10:25 pm

Sometime Between, October or November of 2014? 2015, Thats the one. 01xPSP-LGPT (Main Theme @0:00, Vocals&Drums@0:33-Onward) 01xDMG-2Channels(@1:17) Both the PSP and the DMG ran into a cheap Yamaha 3 channel mixer with an additional Mic port treated as the 4th Input in an attempt to retain stereo panning. Those 4 inputs were then converted from 1/4 inputs to a singular 3.5mm Aux and were ran into the Mic Jack on a generic 4gb-ram Hp laptop (didnt know much about that one) and were recorded through Audacity. As a result of such strange limitations we had available; this recording is nowhere near mixed, edited, engineered....or any other medium used for mastering. Its safe to say what you know, we don't. As a result this "mixed and mastered" file was recorded in what take live, the sound ranges are all over the place (its quite audible @0:53) and the song was unfinished (hence the fade-out). Still, if we are to start sharing with all of you wonderful people whom which we have wished to make contact; we must start somewhere. Why not 2 years ago? It may not be great, but don't be too quick to judge us and think to yourself,"oh..these untalented assholes", in the midst of scrolling. There is so much stuff that has never been shared or touched since conception that I guarantee whatever comes next...will be a mix of good, and bad. We look forward to hearing what you have, more so than what we share. So if you're reading this, for your consideration: Don't be a stranger! Yours truly, The Untalented aliens-Plants of Prisms.

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Sounds really cool this song heart

But wtf that description x'd

pfft, yeah. not editing any typos. the one i pick to correct with an asterisk is "what take live". what=*one. Don't know how that happened. I'm not even going to read any further. Basically; we're not professional anythings. Don't read too deeply into it.

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