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Deleted from this World

By Radio Giraffe on Aug 23, 2012 8:58 pm


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Member has requested constructive criticism

8-bit groove punk

As said already, it gets slightly repetitive in certain parts. I think that if you changed up the bass line a bit that would lighten up the repetitious feeling quite a bit. I'd also like to hear the track again if you ended it at 2:57 (really dig the panning going on there) instead of having it blast back in again for the remaining seconds (which isn't bad, I just thought it was a good time to end, and there, it would have seemed to have fit the title of the track). Overall, it has a great energy to it that I can totally dig and, I really like your catchy lead melody.

Thanks for the quick CC. I agree and I'll take it to heart. This wasn't so much my usual style in terms of the lead. So this helps. smile

this really cool. I  Lke it. As for CC, the lead melody gets pretty repetitive. With the organic sounding vibrato, I epected a bit more "improvisational" variation from the lead.


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