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Russellian's Profile / Russellian's Profile

I'm an English major, Music Industry minor at JMU in Virignia. I've been listening to chiptune since 2008 and used to make shitty Nitrotracker music under the names MatrixMaster3, MatriM3, Approx., and finally GuerillaBell. I was in high school and had little to no music theory training. Can you blame a guy? Yes, yes you can. After taking a two year break from making "music" to focus on (failing) school, I've started making music again on LSDJ.

I'm a fan of any good music, but recently I've been really getting into electronic music in general. I still like pretty much every musical genre, but drum and bass, (goa) trance, dubstep (liquid, older dubstep, and drumstep), house, and hardcore (not the shitty teen band kind) are my favorites right now. I also like rock (most kinds, really), classical, too. But electronic and chipmusic are definitely my favorite genres/mediums right now.

My interest in making music really began to take root when I first started playing (Alto Sax) in my school band. It just progressed from there until I actually took the initiative and started to make music on Nitrotracker during bus rides to the pool my swim team used in junior year of high school.

I've always been interested in dissecting art; be it literature, music, video games, movies. You name it, I'll analyze it. My unrealistic life goal is to be a "Professor of Modern Media" (read: video games and interactive media), since I think that, as video games become a more legitimate art form, there need to be more people providing commentary and criticism for it. Also, universities are looking for people in that field, so I could have a job for at least a year or two after I get my masters.

That said, a medium/genre like chiptune REALLY intrigues me. I take learning LSDJ and listening to other artists' work as an intellectual challenge. Listening to a song, album, etc. a second or third time, I'm trying to understand how an artist crammed that melody with that backing track with that drum riff and on and on into a measly four channels. I also just try to understand how the hell they can make such catchy and well-thought-out songs, because is that a mystery to me right now.

tl:dr, I wanna be the video game. I like analyzing art. Hopefully my music won't suck. / Russellian's Profile