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Making Up for Lost Time

By SJSFC on Jun 26, 2012 7:51 pm

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I'm sorry I didn't notice your comment until now. It's actually both. I made this in renoise 2.8. Renoise supports vsts, however, you can render the vstis to either samples or xrni within renoise should you want to keep everything inside a single xrns file

Hey, I just discovered this - it's super lovely! big_smile Did you use VSTs or just samples?

Celebrating his second upload, %u2018Making Up for Lost Time,%u2019 to we had the pleasure to sit down with Adam Sigmund, the current head curator of South Jersey SoundFont Collective, and ask him some questions.

Q: So how have you been doing since the last time we%u2019ve talked with you?

A: Pretty well, thank you. Been working about 50 hours a week but still have time to sit down and work out musical ideas. I try to get out at least once a month and check out the local scene we have in Philly which is a lot of fun.

Q: Have you been performing yourself?

A: Yeah, actually I have. As it happens the monthly event 8static has an open-mic portion of the show where anyone can sign up and plug in their machine and play. It%u2019s really a lot of fun and its a great place to go to dance.

Q: This is your second track you uploaded to chipmusic, do you plan to release an album or ep soon?

A: Sure, yeah I think that will come eventually, right now I%u2019m just concentrating making the music, once i go into that period where I%u2019m not as productive I%u2019ll go collect the best of what I got and put something nice together.

Q: Will it be free!

A: Absolutely, especially if you follow me on facebook, we almost have 5 likes!

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